Thursday, July 21, 2011

Strangled Lillies!

While I use to try to keep a small flower garden perfectly composed with ever blooming breeds of flowers in complimentary colors, shapes and seems my lack of engagement the past few years has left me with an overwhelming amount of catnip and a handful of the most beautiful asiatic and stargazer lillies. I see these lillies from the back slider door where I let the dogs out to roam the backyard mutliple times through out the day. The weather has been so oppressive this summer that I have hardly made the voyage out back to visit these lovely lillies!! This morning though, after the storms rumbled through with scant amounts of rain but a tiny drop in temperature (I think we are waking up to 78??) I tipped my toes out to test the air (kinda like when you dip your toes inthe pool to test the water) I decided I would attempt to cross the yard up to the garden to smell the lillies! Now such a hike had it's risks and I was not prepared to battle the bird sized mosquitos that could potentially  up and carry me away..but I did grab a knife. I reached my small flower patch with puppies on my heels excited to have me outside with them. To my amazement I found 4 stems of the most beautiful lillies I have ever grown. Sadly stems with petals already fallen still reamained and I wondered what wonders I had missed this summer thanks to the pesky bugs and heat! These beautiful flowers amongst the remains of what use to be a carefully planned out scheme were being strangled by some sort of twisty, tangling weed. I have a love for fresh flowers in the house which I usually purchase at farmers market . I also respect the right for a flower to flourish in the out of doors where God meant for them to grow. So as I cut the strangling vines away to allow the amazing beauties to stand tall I was thinking about how poetic the situation was. This flower that should be flourishing in it's natural element, was being strangled instead. So I cut it free and brought it inside where not only it will be safe from the elements, but appreciated as well.

     There was a time when I thought everything had to be perfect. The perfect house, kids, husband job....but the more perfect I tried to make things LOOK...the more I became strangled by chasing my own tail around in circles. So I cut myself free...oh I still have the husband and I am the first one to tell you how thing s REALLY are when chatting with the girls at the pool. The blatant ugly truth is such a happier place than the constant battle to fake a fantastic life!

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