Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cryin' like a little girl in a dirty dress... know me is to know that I am a TV addict. There is literally a tv in every room of our house except the bathrooms....and even there....if you lean just right or position the mirror just right can still see the TV if in fact the audible version isn't good enough for a 20 second bathroom break. SO...with that I am ,  sitting in bed tonight , working my Etsy store with Sniper, the angry cat, with six inch nails. The puppy is barking at us from the other side of  a baby gate while I am watching a new show on Lifetime called "COMING HOME". Granted, I cry thru holiday, coffee, Halmark and kleenex commercials...who doesn't right (cold-hearted biotches maybe)?  Anywhooo....."Coming Home", it's about a bunch of soldiers coming home to surprise loved ones. I am amazed at children who are so happy they cry when they realise that their Daddy is the one walking into their classroom! With the focus on five families in one hour I have cried once every ten minutes!!
     Okay, and not to jinx you...but, I just made a deal with my daughter to swap the cat for the dog and as I jumped outta bed with growling cat by the back of his neck (as any loving mum would) I got tangled up in my  laptop's power cord and crashed to the ground for the second time in one week. Whatever you do...don't laugh...karma is like a bad chain letter with real consequences!! I swear I fractured my foot last week....but refuse to wear the "boot" that I already have from breaking my foot  a few years back....tho the concept of going to the doctor and proving the breakage in order to get some vicodine is a plus....I just keep drinking milk (in the morning and vodka at night...just doing my part to keep the peace with Russia)...
    In closing...I am wondering why my husband who is watching tv in the room directly below me... hasn't come up to see what the" trainwreck" noise was when I fell...I am guessing that he is "SO OVER ME"..actually, if he was funny like me...he would have assumed that the zit on my chin just imploaded.....that's a whole 'nother blog y'all...XO!!!