Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stick a Fork in this BLOG I am done!!

In a house with three kids going to 5 schools (yes, we are over-achievers) AND a new puppy (who after 3 weeks has yet to win over our cat named SNIPER...yes he lives up to the name) let's just say it's crazy around here in the mornings. My oldest is a freshman who just finished his first year swimming Varsity so only a few short weeks ago I was driving him to school at 5am. I thought mornings would get easier...enter puppy. an attempt to live my dream of working from home, creating cool stuff and making a sale or two, I have opened my Etsy store. That took two months of 24/7 working and I am still today trying to figure out how to get sales which is why I am now BLOGGING! Blogging seems to be an important venue when it comes to getting buyers into an on-line store. So as I sit here still in PJ' half up half down from picking my head in frustration all the while trying to build my BLOG. So here it is. Blog number one. Since I don't have any followers I am fairly certain that I can say whatever the hell I want without upsetting anyone. Added bonus I can go back to uncensored subjects etc because I don't have half of my children's friends watching my posts! YAHOO...I promise if I ever figure this out and have any followers it will get funnier.


  1. Touch base any time and I'll be happy to share my "infinite wisdom" about blogging!!!! I am so old hat at it...


  2. Busy, but seems happy, lol
    beautiful jewelry
    I wish you a success with your new blog